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The awesome beauty of Alaska’s vast wilderness and majestic wildlife moves many of us to search for a deeper sense of meaning in our lives, a quest satisfied by connecting with untamed nature and acknowledging our interdependence with it. Since 1979, Alaska Raw Fur Co. has served as a link between one of the most challenging and magnificent frontiers on the planet and people worldwide. Every year, traveling by small ski plane, we go from one remote cabin and village to the next to collect the winter’s harvest of furs. The unrelenting forces of nature are ever-present. Deep snow. Not enough snow. Ice fog. Temperatures plummeting past -50°. Ice too thin or too thick. Frostbite. A restless wolf howls in the distance. A woodstove crackles inside a cabin door. The northern lights dance above. Each of these trips brings Alaska’s frontier closer to our customers. Each harvest season continues traditions that have shaped Alaska’s economy and culture since earliest recorded history. And each year’s “call of the wild” results in fur products cherished for their ultimate warmth and timeless beauty. With great admiration for our wilderness, we invite you to share the exhilarating, incomparable Alaskan experience for yourself through our website and quality products. Enjoy, and thank you for your interest in our company.


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